Enjoying the Sugary Sands of Boracay

It has been said the the sugary sands of Boracay is incomparable, and it really keeps me wondering how it became so fine and white from end to end. It's my second time it Boracay and unlike the first time where I was in a hurry to explore the whole stretch this time I decided to just enjoy the beach, the water and the company of a friend. As soon as we reached the shoreline from the resort located near D'Mall, I put off my sandal and placed it inside my net bag and walk barefoot.

Escape to Boracay Islands

It's my 2nd time in Boracay.  The first time was back in 2005 when my camera still use film and I have to have the photos printed before seeing the good from the bad shots. This time I already have my reliable 10.1mp Sony Cybershot where deleting bad shots are easier and no more printing cost :)  The journey started by taking a boat (Superferry) from Zamboanga to Iloilo.  It was an overnight trip and we reach Ilo-ilo early in the morning, took the bus to Caticlan and reached Boracay early in the evening.  We were not accustomed in booking online yet, so when we arrived in Boracay there's still a need to go and ask around for a place to stay.