Exploring Little India Singapore

   Last Day in Singapore

Our flight back to the Philippines will be around midnight.  In the past few days we have seen already a few places in Singapore.  This time, as planned, we will explore Little India.  Armed with our cameras and the last of our pocket money we went to the direction of Little India.  Little India is an ethnic neighborhood found in Singapore that has Tamil cultural elements.  Here you can still find gaily painted shophouses of Tamil influence which but slowly almost disappearing and replace by Hindi and other exotic Indian artworks.

My First Ride in a HUGE Wheel (The Singapore Flyer)


The Singapore Flyer
 The Singapore Flyer

We're done with our sightseeing package and we have a whole day free to explore Singapore further.  Again we woke up a little late because last nights sightseeing at Night Safari drained our energy.  We took our breakfast at a resto in the hotel lobby and by this time I have already memorized the taste of all the dishes in the menu.  I had bread, beans & sausage with orange juice (this one's really good, I had 3 glasses full everytime) After breakfast we went back to our room to change.  We have already planned beforehand to spend this day at Marina Area starting along Singapore City Hall area.

Nuctornal Tour at Night Safari Singapore

We never had a chance to explore Bugis though it was just walking distance from Summerview Hotel. We were so tired from our Sentosa Tour last night that all we care was to sleep after dinner.  So we decided to go around after breakfast to see what's in store for us in that place  before our Night Safari trip at 6pm.  

National Library
Victoria Street Singapore

Scary Cable Car Ride At Sentosa Island Singapore

We woke up late (around 9:00am) and went down immediately to take our breakfast which will close by 10am.  There's not much choices in the menu, the food seems like its the same menu as yesterday.  So I made up my mind just to take 2 or 3 dishes and planned to have different kind the following day to at least have a variety out of what is being serve.  There are a lot of tourist in the hotel but seems like we're the only Filipino's there, nobody seems to mind neither do us.  What' s important is we all can afford to take a short vacation.

Exciting Singapore (My First International Travel)


Our Flight & Arrival

We (me and my Mom) took a plane from Davao International Airport  at around 2:00PM to NAIA3 for our connecting flight to Singapore.  Our flight from Manila to Singapore was at 8:45PM so we had a 4 hour wait in the airport.  There's not much to see yet at NAIA3 since it only opened last August 2008 so only a few shops and restaurants around. We arrived at Budget terminal airport in Singapore at around 11:55pm.  Cebu Pacific indeed have live up to its commitment and that is to depart & arrive on time.  We took a car (BMW) arranged by my brother to pick us up at the airport and bring us to Summerview Hotel at Bencoolen St.  It is my first time in Singapore and amazingly it is very clean.  There's so many trees even as we enter the City proper.

We arrived at Summerview Hotel a few minutes past midnight and my brother met us in the lobby.  There was a long embrace by my brother and mom (we haven't seen each other for almost 2 years since he left the Philippines to work in UK).  The bellboy took our bags and noticeably he is an old man.  At the back of my mind I was thinking they don't retire their personnel.  The man took us in our room and demonstrated in a very courteous manner how to use the hotel facilities and told us that water in Singapore are clean and that you can drink it straight from the tap.  He even drank from it in assurance.